Xbox LIVE setting with router

One of my posts at "Xbox Live香港(Hong Kong)討論區", dated "10-29-2005, 2:21 AM":

  • Wired solution using third-party router
  • Wireless solution
  • ISP-provided router (such as the "grey box" from Netvigator)
  • More info
  • Answer by "Phoebus"

Wired solution using third-party router

Quite simple as in this example (my home; using LinkSys WRTG54; connected with LAN cable):

1) Xbox control panel, give it an IP address
[this part of the post has been updated]


Wireless solution

Either get the official Xbox wireless adapter (or an (often cheaper) other one compatible with Xbox); hook it up with a LAN cable to your current network and logon using web browser to set the configuration (depending model). Save it, and hook it up with the console.


ISP-provided router (such as the "grey box" from Netvigator)

Attention: using their default plan, you must "dial-up" the broadband connection before going online. Their box doesn’t share the connection among your LAN so if you go online with your PC and despite the Xbox being connected to the same box, you cannot go online with the Xbox at the same time. Either open a "shared Internet connection" on your PC or disconnect the PC first (hang-up dial-up) and re-dial with your Xbox. You can set up the dial-up function from within the Xbox control panel; using same settings as you used to set up your PC dial-up connection.


More info here:


Check here for Home Networking Equipment, Xbox (US) Support‘s Xbox Live section.

It shows you compatible (tested) and incompatible (tested) devices. Non-listed devices may work or not, that’s at your own risk (as Phoebus correctly points out).

All 3 listed brands

are popular here so there shouldn’t be a problem for the majority. Also, the prices have fallen considerably, with the standard Linksys WRTG54 (wireless, G-band) hoovering around 420HKD.
I’m sorry but I don’t have any info about MS’ Networking hardware.

A note on making your console wireless:

You can either buy the official Xbox Wireless Adapter or just go with other parties’ game adapters such as the Linksys Wireless-G Game Adapter or Wireless-B Game Adapter which both feature "Works without drivers on PlayStation®2, Xbox™, and GameCube™".


Answer by "Phoebus":

The easiest way is to use a router supporting Xbox Live. This way you don’t really have to do anything in terms of configuration.

If you bought an unsupported router, you can still try to use DMZ feature to virtually connect the Xbox directly to the internet, however, there is certain security risk involved.

Some DMZ algorithms are somewhat different, so there is a possibility that the router might not work even with DMZ enabled. In this case, you are out of luck.


Info about "DMZ": The DMZ hosting feature allows one local user to be exposed to the Internet for use of a special-purpose service such as Internet gaming or videoconferencing. DMZ hosting forwards all the ports at the same time to one machine.


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