Xbox LIVE and the regions

One of my posts at "Xbox Live香港(Hong Kong)討論區", dated "10-29-2005, 2:25 AM":

Questions by "little two":

  1. Can I buy the Starter Kit (with 12 months credit) in HK, playing for few months, and continue playing XboX Live in New Zealand with the same Live (Account)??
  2. Is the "Version of XboX Live" (like HK version / USA version / Japaness version…) matter??
  3. Can I buy the "XboX Live Credit" (ie. pay in HK) and play at NZ???


First of all, when you move your Xbox across regions defined by MS, make sure you can still use your console.

So IF…

  • you have a NTSC-compatible TV set
  • you can provide the required power
  • you have a source of NTSC-J games

… sure you can play it anywhere.
I even use a HK console in Europe as well (different game, video and plug format).

After you have resolved the above matter, there is no problem for playing Live. Xbox Live is region independent, which means you can hook up your console anywhere and play. The only regional issue is that some games only can be played with games of the same encoding (NTSC-J, PAL, NTSC) but that’s always like that, not related to your question.

When you sign up to Xbox Live, you must use a credit card where the billing address is in one of the Xbox Live countries (where you can officially purchase Xbox Live). Apart from that, there is no requirement nor limit.

  1. Hence you can
  2. buy the Starter Kit in HK and continue to play in NZ
  3. there is no Xbox Live version (only game/console version)

When you need Xbox Live credit, such as extending your subscription or purchasing online content (Game levels etc…) it will be charged to your credit card used to sign-up. It doesn’t matter that billing address still being in HK while you are in NZ.

You can change the credit card anytime from your Xbox Live dashboard (Xbox console control panel) but the billing address must remain in a Xbox Live supported country.

For more information, please refer to these official support links:


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