Xbox LIVE and modding

One of my posts at "Xbox Live香港(Hong Kong)討論區", dated "10-29-2005, 2:28 AM":

Questions by "little two":

If I might mod chip my xbox, not for playing unautherised game, but to play the difference version of games (such as in NZ, they suppose be Pal???)…
I haven’t mod chip yet, but decide to it…
Any comments for that??


Modding results most surely in a console unable to play Live. I strongly recommend not to do that. Presence of a mod chip will ban your console’s serial number from the Live system. Also, they upgrade this feature all the time so if you are lucky to get a chip now which is undetected, it well may be the end for your Live a week later.

Since games in HK are cheaper than anywhere else (at least as I have seen so far), why not check out these options:

a) HK online shops sell and ship HK games across the world. Compare those prices with the local ones (AU, NZ…). The difference (if any) might be worth to consider not modding your console and enjoy Live.
b) You might ask someone to send you the latest game from time to time.


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