What is it with game endings?

One of my posts at "香港 (Hong Kong) 地區 Xbox 討論區", dated "04-23-2005 10:27 AM":

Have you ever felt disappointed by a game’s ending?

After the great cinematic openings, between-the-level sequences, all the hard work to finish the game, and then the end movie is worth nothing? A few seconds of a clip inferior to any between-the-levels sequences, but lavish credits worthy to be mentioned at the Oscar’s?

The end of a game should not only be a reward for the hard work winning it, but also closing the story. After all, many games intend to tell a story, which they succeed to; with openings and in-game sequences well thought of. In fact, some stories are so good it makes me feel I read a book or saw a movie; upon reflecting on it after finishing the game. But this doesn’t compensate for the disappointing final.

Who didn’t already feel left out in the rain, waiting for someone to arrive but what never happened; just by beating the final boss or mission only to get a quick clip followed by minutes of credits? I feel lost and stunned most of the time.

A story doesn’t have to be concluded, the ending can be left open for possible future games; but at least the current game should get closed as a chapter. Even if it does, it often doesn’t do so well.

In some aspect, it actually makes the game look cheap. Only efforts to boost impression and sales (opening and in-game sequences running as demo clip) have been made. The "private" part of the game – the ending only to be watched by the gamer finishing the game – is merely paid any respect to.

The most disappointing for me is when a game ending
a) looks same like any other level (sometimes I thought it’s just another level)
b) takes same or longer to load than a level but runs for seconds only
c) generally runs for a few seconds only
d) no matter the quality, leaves me more puzzled about its meaning than a Myst riddle
e) is a fraction of the credits quality
f) recycles most of the game; including soundtrack

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