What is it with Doom, Wolfenstein and the Germans?

One of my posts at "香港 (Hong Kong) 地區 Xbox 討論區", dated "04-22-2005 11:40 PM":

I am aware of the low level of German language knowledge here, but I thought I post this one of my thoughts anyway. Just for the record: though I can use German fluently (among others), I am not a German.

Ever noticed the high amount of German language and names usage for everything evil in video games? There are plenty of games about WW2 so of course there are Germans in the games. But also other games not related to German in general, still feature much of it.

Though not understanding German, I am sure many here still can point to such cases; with the most recent one being Dr. Betrueger (Betrayer) – the evil scientist-turning-into-devil’s-tongue (or something like that) in Doom 3. Yes, I know; Doom 3 is from id Software, maker of Return to Castle Wolfenstein – Tides of War. But why making Doom 3’s story a copy of Wolfenstein; including the German references? I both games, there’s an evil scientist, Evil itself, excavations, old symbols… and German.

(text below in reply to a forum comment)

It’s a pity that people get accustomed too quickly to one routine as it leaves out plenty of other "stories".

While it might be difficult to find new ways (which still look like action) to show science fiction battles if lasers and dogfights removed (at least Star Trek came up with some other-than-laser weapons but then again, not much of a new invention), there are a lot of events in world history on same or similar scale than WW2 but only find little attention.

To name a few, there are Vietnam (yes, some games exist but compare that to WW2), Japanese, Russia in Afghanistan (yes, there’s a Rambo movie at least), WW1, and more than enough from across the world if we open our old history books.

I am aware of the money factor and so everyone follows the routines as people like it.


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