The new Web Site and Forums

One of my posts at "香港 (Hong Kong) 地區 Xbox 討論區", dated "10-28-2005 5:56 PM":

The forums are back online earlier than I expected; and I hope it’s for that reason that lots of stuff either isn’t working yet or gives me errors all the time. Not to mention even more inconveniences than before… now the HK part is just plain Chinese language. Where’s English? After all, it’s an official language here. So I have to check the SG site for every info as it’s the only one in the region I am able to understand.

Before I figured out that the forums are back online and I could log in just the same way as usual (the "Sign In" button), I already got lost on the main US site in the My Xbox section. It required me to sign in with my Passport and then it started to ask all sort of questions which drove me nuts. But that’s a situation I am probably the only one lucky enough to enjoy. If I register for HK, I don’t understand the Chinese. If I register for the place I pay my Live account, I don’t understand one of the languages and the other one I don’t want to use. So what’s left? Singapore? Frustrated I left and found the way back to the forum as described above.

There are still missing a couple of things announced prior to the "upgrade" so I will wait and see. Generally, I think it’s all on a good way if it weren’t for the language problems. I’ll post a guide about that later on; sort of survival guide for the non-Chinese (even that’s probably just me).


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