Testing console to Live connection

One of my posts at "Xbox Live香港(Hong Kong)討論區", dated "10-29-2005, 2:30 AM":

Checking console>Live connection:

Main Menu > Settings > Network Settings >Connection: press Y button

L: Latency
Example: 190 (193): 190ms = minimum (fastest), 193ms = average

P: Packet Loss Ratio
20: Number of packets sent. A 20/20 would show a healthy 100% arrived.
Example: 18/20: 2 is the number of which times a packet loss occured. That’s 10% (2 of 20)

Additional info by "Phoebus":

The current generation of Xbox Live uses P2P connection while playing a game on the Xbox Live. One of the players in the game is actually hosting the game on his Xbox. Your internet connection isn’t really the root of the problem because the self-test will ping the regional server in Japan. The problem occurs when you start playing with people outside the region or across the world. The root of that problem is the network routing and its traffic load between you and other players. Unless there is another ISP uses significant different network backbone, you probably won’t get better network status switching ISP.

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