Goodbye, Old Forum and Web Site!

One of my posts at "香港 (Hong Kong) 地區 Xbox 討論區", dated "10-23-2005 05:11 AM" in regard to the official Xbox Web Site and Forums shutdown to launch the new sites for the next Xbox generation.

Well, the day has finally come where we have to say goodbye to the Old Forum and Web Site. The era of the first Xbox seems to come slowly but surely to an end with the Xbox 360 approaching fast and throwing its first shadows with the arrival of new forums and web sites.

It’s not just an upgrade that’s going on here; it’s an entirely new system. New user handling, no transfer of postings apart from some important threads being rebuild, no post counts and last but not least, an entire week of downtime.

The new web sites might be online within a day, but the break from the forum for a week makes it clear that we are growing up here. Xbox 1 may still be around for a long time, new game titles coming for a while and plenty of messages posted regarding the old system. But it’s definately the dawn of a new generation.

Many of us have been around here since the early days of Xbox in Hong Kong; back then in November 2002. Who could ever forget the first steps we took; commenting and complaining about just everything from product availability, bugs, stupid AI, marketing to support. We were enthusiastic not just about the latest available game, but at least as much about how the console was handled locally and if it actually could survive.

In those days, the game titles were so limited that often days and even weeks passed by before scores of gamers would meet at shops to get the new arrival. US and JP imports were outnumbering the local versions at a ratio that it made it difficult to actually spot an Asian (and even harder a localized) version in stores.

Public appearances of the console were unbeatable in terms of fun to watch and join. Not that much as they would have been the perfect show, but more as such they were a mix of Mr Bean and bad feng shui. Don’t get me wrong here, everything gradually improved (learning by doing) and people only could work with what they were provided. Back then, it often gave me cramps to just think about it; today it’s part of my fond memories (though I pray we won’t see similar situations again).

The only thing really unforgivable is the removal of threads older than a month in the forums. That has actually done some real damage and I also was more than once arguing with my devil and angel over whether to stay or go.

Btw stay and go… the member base also has changed over the years, with only a handful of original posters (those who joined with the arrival of Xbox in Hong Kong) still active in posting. We have seen many coming and going, some taking a break and others retired to reading only.

Thousands of messages have been posted in the 2 Hong Kong forums alone * ; namely

  • Xbox Live香港(Hong Kong)討論區
  • 香港 (Hong Kong) 地區 Xbox 討論區

The discussions covered the whole range, but if there’s one thing we all can be proud of, then that we never had any serious incident. No cursing, no flaming. We were even tolerant and mature enough to touch such (and usually, elsewhere banned) hot topics like XBConnect (playing online without Live; using a software to simulate a LAN via the Internet) and modding (modifying the console to play copied games, all zones, install Linux etc…).

We took on all questions, we provided support often worthy a real support comparison, we shared news, and generally had a good time.

We have been through difficult and good times, from lively to near-death forum activity, and the time has now come to close this chapter in our Xbox life.

The same applies to the web sites, in particular the Hong Kong version ( What started with a mere copy of the US template, never up-to-date and generally less informative than any fanpage, has grown into a site with current news and lists. I only can wish it continues this way and the new version will be on a same level with the main US site.

I would like to take this opportunity to say Goodbye to the Old Forum and Web Site, and welcome the new ones. I enjoyed our time a lot, and I hope so did everyone else as well.

It was also with great joy and enthusiasm that I ran the "X-ProShop" web site (site of the then official and only support center and shop; now closed) back at the beginning of Xbox in Hong Kong, followed by the "GameZone HK" thereafter. It was a lot of work and for various reasons I finally had to give it up. I would like to thank everybody who visited and appreciated my efforts, and I hope we’ll all meet again after both the new web sites and forums are online.

So, Goodbye Old Forum and Web Site!


Old Web Sites:

* Details of the Hong Kong forums (20051023 HK):

Xbox Live香港(Hong Kong)討論區
Threads: 61
Posts: 182

香港 (Hong Kong) 地區 Xbox 討論區
香港的朋友們最喜歡 Xbox 了,邀請您來和這個地區的玩家們進行線上聊天。不論您住在香港任何地方,這是一個您與其他玩家見面的天地。
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