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One of my posts at "Xbox Live香港(Hong Kong)討論區", dated "10-29-2005, 2:33 AM":

Questions by "XboxLive05":

I am trying to learn exactly how the Xbox Live works. I understand you need an ISP, a subscription to Live and a router to connect the console to the service, am I missing anything? Am I connected to the internet or is there a special gaming network that I am plugged into? Do you have to pay the ISP a subscription fee as well as buying Live enabled games and a Live subscription?


You should get all information when reading all in this thread as well as following the links; this one in particular:

What you will need:

  1. Xbox Console
  2. Xbox Live enabled game
  3. Xbox Live subscription (you can also use one of the trial cards provided with some games)
    – The headset is not necessary if you don’t want to chat as you still can listen to others
    – If you want a new subscription, you can buy it bundled with headset for better value
  4. High-speed (broadband, dsl, adsl, cable… it has many names) Internet access
    – The box that the Internet provider gives you to hook up the line with your pc works fine with the Xbox console. Plug in a LAN (network) cable or use a wireless adapter to hook up the console with that Internet connection box.
    – IF it is a router sharing the connection, you are set to go
    – IF it is just a hub and your pc makes a dial-up everytime you go online, you can either make a dial-up with console to go Live (and then not be able to use pc at same time) or share the Internet connection if you got WindowsXP).
    – IF you need to dial-up, you may as well get a router who dials up for you and then plug all Internet devices in your house (pc, console…) into the router as all can go online at the same time.
    – Might as well be that the Internet provider’s box is a router itself, then no problem either.

So find out what you already got from your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and check with the documents mentioned in the postings above.

Connect 1 2 3 shows in Step 3 the various connection options I mentioned before.

Once the network setup is ok, you can test your Live connection even without a Live account.

To create a Live account, check here: Account Creation.


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